What is the booking policy for Villa Mahasari?

Once you have a confirmed booking 50% of the total price of your stay is payable. The outstanding amount will be due one month before your arrival in Bali.

How do we pay for our booking?

Direct deposit is the only form of payment presently available. Once you have made a booking request and your booking is confirmed, the Villa Mahasari bank details will be forwarded to you for immediate payment.

Do I need to organize a visa?

Visa's are organized upon arrival at Denpasar airport. They are valid for 30 days and cost approximately $25 US.

Note - You must make sure you have the money for the visa in US Dollars

What kind of money do they use in Bali and should I take cash or traveller's cheques?

The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency used in Bali. The rate can flucuate anywhere between 9000 - 10,000 rupiah per Australian dollar.

The staff at Villa Mahasari have a very good relationship with the local currency exchange and if you take cash over they are more than happy to exchange this money for you at the best rate.

Do I need injections or vaccinations?

While you do not need any injections or vaccinations specific for Bali, it is highly recommended that you have your Hepatitis A, Typhoid injections up to date.

Note - If you are planning to travel in rural Bali or stay for an extended time period of time, Malaria tablets are also recommended.

What is the check-out policy for Villa Mahasari?

The check-out time for Villa Mahasari is 10.30am. If you are on a late night flight home and wish to stay at the villa for that last day, you must pay for another full night.

Is there Wi-Fi at Villa Mahasari?

Yes, Villa Mahasari has wireless that is free to use for any guests staying there.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

This question is a tricky one because it depends on what you want out of your trip.

Bali is a fantastic holiday destination to travel to ay any time of the year. Each time you go the weather, culture and people have something different to offer you.

In saying that if you are looking for 'good' weather  and heat we would recommend any time between June and the end of September to travel.

If you are looking to avoid school holidays and have a quiet relaxing trip the months of February, March and August would be recommended.

Note - These are personal recommendations only. Like any holiday destinations the weather can be unpredictable and is often the variable factor in booking a trip.

Will I be able to charge my cell phone, camera and laptop?

Yes, the power supply in Bali is usually 220 cycles. Normal outlets are plugs with two pins however Villa Mahasari provide a powerboard with 5 Australian to Balinese outlets in each bedroom and also a number of adaptors that are available upon request.

Note - Please note that often Australian hairdryers and straighteners will not work in Bali because the power supply is too low. Villa Mahasari provide high quality hairdryers in each of the rooms to combat this problem.

What is the health care like in Bali?

Bali has fantastic hospitals and clinics. The Bali Clinic is located a mere 2 minute drive from Villa Mahasari and we have a doctor on call in case of emergencies.

Note - It is recommended that you always travel with travel insurance to ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident.

For any further questions or enquiries related to your future stay in Bali please do not hesitate to contact us at villamahasari@gmail.com